A jump to the cloud, A leap of trust.

The cloud was born.

In 2012, five early Wukong employees, working shoulder to shoulder in a small Zheng Zhou apartment, launched a customer relationship management (CRM) system with a groundbreaking twist. All the software and critical customer data would be hosted on the internet and made available as a open source subscription service. After ten years of hard work, we have perfected the whole product chain. Wukong is our most precious gift to the world.

From the start, Wukong has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a difference.

The world will continue to change. Technology will evolve. Business will pivot and pivot again. But relationships, built on trust and respect, will help us face the future, come what may.

The open source system has been downloaded more than 2 million times
High-quality service provider in the field of CRM open source
Wukong Growth
At present, the software has reached tens of millions of users, and the open source system has been downloaded more than 2 million times, covering various industries such as design and manufacturing, service industry, financial industry, and government agencies.

Wukong CRM 11.0 is officially released as open source.
The new open source upgrade of Wukong CRM is released. The front-end and back-end separation CRM mode based on spring+vue+ElementUI provides a smoother user experience.
October 2020
Wukong CRM officially released the human resource management system and the Supply chain management system The human resources invoicing version was officially released.
It integrates all applications of Wukong CRM and provides efficient system support for enterprises in managing people, goods, and money.
October 2020
A high-tech enterprise awarded the national from china
high-tech enterprise certification refers to the continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the "high-tech fields supported by the state" to form the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise. This project focuses on supporting electronic information, biology and new medicine. , aerospace, new materials, high-tech services, new energy and energy saving, resources and environment, advanced manufacturing and automation and other eight high-tech fields.
July 2020
As of June 2020, Wukong CRM has signed strategic contracts with many well-known domestic companies. As of the first half of 2020,
Wukong CRM has signed strategic contracts with Tencent, China Aerospace, China National Heavy Duty Truck, OPPO, China COSCO, Luckin Coffee, ZTE and Alibaba. A number of brands have signed strategic cooperation agreements.
June 2020
Obtained the national ISO quality management system certification has successively obtained the national from china
ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification, and all international quality standards formulated by the International Organization for Standardization Quality Management and Quality Assurance Technical Committee.
May 2020
Wukong CRM official website upgrade
The official website was upgraded again to create an integrated solution for CRM, human resources, invoicing, and financial management systems. A comprehensive introduction to Wukong CRM's existing product line functions and development time. More intuitive display of Wukong CRM's existing products.
May 2020
Wukong CRM officially released 10.0 cloud platform version
The release of version 10.0 brings better user experience to users, which is a major upgrade of Wukong CRM-SAAS cloud service.
November 2019
Wukong CRM officially released the 9.0JAVA version, which is the only open source CRM system in China that uses PHP/JAVA two language development languages
Wukong CRM released an open source version based on the background language of JAVA, and it is also the only open source CRM system in China that uses PHP/JAVA two languages ​​to develop languages.
Wukong CRM officially released 9.0 open source version
In 2019, Wukong CRM officially released the 9.0 open source version and cloud service version. This is a major upgrade of the open source version of Wukong CRM. It adopts the most advanced IoT technology in terms of technical architecture and UI design.
April 2019
Wukong CRM Call Center officially released
Relying on the Internet of Things technology, Wukong CRM realizes the docking technology of hardware and software. The release of the call center has opened up the customer data of the CRM, and the Wukong CRM system can effectively record the call time and call recording while the business personnel are making outbound calls.
June 2018
Wukong CRM open source version downloads exceeded 20W
With the continuous upgrading and maintenance of open source software, Wukong CRM has gained a large number of user groups in the field of open source CRM. The download volume of Wukong has exceeded 20W, and there have been hundreds of paying users.
August 2015
Wukong CRM official website upgrade
In 2015, the official website was upgraded again. The product line is mainly divided into three versions: open source version, cloud platform and commercial version.
June 2015
Wukong Software was invited to participate in the 2015 Open Source Technology Conference
Wukong CRM was invited to participate in the Open Source China 2015 Open Source Technology Conference, which means that Wukong CRM has been recognized by more people in the open source field.
March 2015
In September 2014, Wukong CRM officially released the mobile phone native APP (Android/IOS)
The release of the APP marks the beginning of Wukong's efforts on the mobile terminal to provide users with a better mobile office experience.
September 2014
Wukong CRM cloud platform officially released
Wukong CRM began to provide SAAS cloud services for enterprises in 2014, in order to enable enterprises to use cloud services more quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing enterprises' R&D costs.
August 2014
Wukong CRM officially launched the commercial version
On the basis of open source, Wukong CRM released a commercial version named C1.0
May 2014
Wukong CRM official website upgrade
The revision of Wukong CRM official website has added WeChat and GPS positioning service solutions. Through the geographic location solution, the attendance records can be effectively managed, and through the WeChat solution, the marketing of the WeChat official website can be realized.
April 2014
Wukong HRM officially released
Human resource system is a new direction of Wukong in the field of open source, and the release of human resources also lays the foundation for Wukong's development in the field of open source software in the future.
January 2014
Wukong CRM released the iconic version V0.4.2
The release of version V0.4.2 is a major upgrade of Wukong CRM, which enables Wukong CRM to gain a good reputation in the field of open source CRM and accumulate a large number of user groups.
November 2013
The official website of Wukong was officially launched.
In April 2013, the official website of Wukong CRM was officially launched. The domain name address was www.5kcrm.com, and the promotion and publicity of the products began.
April, 2013
Wukong CRM released the first open source version V0.0.1
Wukong CRM V0.0.1 is the first version of Wukong CRM, and has been released as open source. The release of the first version marks the first step of Wukong CRM in CRM software.
January 2013
Wukong CRM project was officially launched At the end of 2012, Wukong CRM
determined the direction of product research and development, and is committed to becoming the best open source CRM software supplier in the world, and is constantly striving for it.
December 2012
Wukong CRM Studio was officially established.
In the early days, Wukong CRM worked in a residence with three bedrooms and one living room. The living room was the office space, and the bedroom was the place where the employees lived. There were only 3-5 employees in the early office.
August 2012