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Procurement management
Product management
Sales management
Inventory management
Financial management
Procurement management
Product management
Sales management
Inventory management
Financial management
Procurement management
Suppliers, purchase orders, purchase returns, purchase order management, open related approvals, order sales, reasonable estimation of the market.
360° panoramic portrait of the supplier
The system records and outlines the panoramic portrait of the supplier, presents the supplier information in three dimensions, and views the bills and historical procurement records at any time to improve the rhythm and efficiency of the procurement work.
Purchase order management to avoid duplicate purchases
Advanced screening of purchase orders and return orders, avoiding duplicate purchases and useless purchases, effectively managing procurement plans, and improving the efficiency of the company's capital use.
Customize the purchase approval flow
Open the custom procurement approval process, and multi-level approval promotes the transparency of procurement information. Share and review procurement information at any time to strengthen supervision.
Product Management
One-click loading and unloading, support for multiple specifications, automatic generation of product codes, and support for quick entry of information through relevant scanners.
One-click toggle up/down shelves
One-click product up/down shelves, real-time adjustment of product shelf status, rapid synchronization of information, and multi-data support for product purchase and sales.
Automatically generate encodings
Automatically generate product codes according to the creation time and entry order, which facilitates product information management.
Multi-level category
Products can be set up multi-level classification, structured management of all product category data, to help sort out the product line.
Sales management
One-click automated sales management to boost sales.
Record sales scenarios in detail
Enter business-related fields such as name, associated customer, sales amount, quantity, payment method, associated product, order placement/delivery time, etc., and record the sales scenario in more detail.
Automatically populate customer information
Invoicing, sales and customer management CRM applications are connected, sales orders are associated with one-click customer information, and contacts, telephones and addresses are automatically filled in to improve the efficiency and accuracy of order building.
Standardize the whole process of sales orders
Help enterprises establish a standardized sales order management system, standardize the sales management behavior of all business personnel, and make sales management compliant and compliant, and have rules to follow.
Inventory management
Warehouse management, product warehouse, out/inbound, inventory transfer, inventory inventory, inbound and outbound inventory details, etc. efficiently implement inventory management.
Get inventory information at any time
Product specifications, types, inventory, warehouses and other information can be viewed at any time and obtained immediately.
Quickly inventory warehouses
Create a new inventory, select the target repository, and click Save. In just three steps, the warehouse's product information, inventory information, inventory information, etc. are quickly obtained.
Inventory records at a glance
Every transfer between warehouses is clearly recorded, and multi-dimensional queries can be made through advanced screening, so that frequent transfers in the peak season can also be clear, fast and not chaotic.
Financial management
Purchase finance associates purchase orders and automatically generates vendor information. Procurement finance business is easy
Upload attachments , online ticket storage
Payment receipts, return orders, documents, etc. can be uploaded through attachments to solve the cumbersome work of saving paper documents, and all important payment collection information of enterprises is saved online.
Turn on auditing and be transparent
Regarding the validity and transparency of financial information, by configuring the approval process, allowing multi-level superior approval to ensure the accuracy and transparency of data.
Multi-scenario configuration
The money I am responsible for, the money that my subordinate is responsible for, the money that is about to be due, the type of money, the amount, the time, etc. can be configured to view the scene through the advanced filtering function.
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