No-Code Custom Application Construction
Wukong code-free platform,
Zero-based rapid implementation of application landing and iterative updates
Zero-based construction
The operation is simple and does not involve relevant programming theory knowledge, so you can get started quickly.
Multiple business scenarios
Cover a variety of common business scenarios and meet a variety of needs.
Application landing quickly
The application landing speed is fast, and it can be applied immediately after construction.
Easy to up grade
The application configuration is simple and fast, effectively reducing the time and human resource cost of the upgrade.
Visual application construction Flexible customization Flexible permissions
Application construction
One-stop no-code application building platform
Wukong provides a variety of application modules, no need to write code, just drag and drop to complete the application system to complete the construction
Online form Process engine Dashbroad Report engine
Massive field components
A large number of controls to meet the needs of multi-scenario forms.
Various layout styles
Satisfy the diversification of form elements, and fully apply layout innovation and user initiative.
Cross-app associations
At the same time, it supports the filtering and aggregation between different application data to meet the needs.
Multidimensional permission settings
Multiple permission settings to meet your more needs.
Multiple node types
Select the corresponding type according to the node task to meet the process requirements in various scenarios.
Branching rule settings
Only the data that meets the data screening criteria can enter the corresponding branch to realize the screening and diversion of the data.
Node permission control
Data association between different applications to achieve cross-application data retrieval
Simple and flexible operation
Drag and drop, quickly build, support enlargement and reduction, and control the layout in an all-round way
Support multiple components
Rich and diverse component libraries, on-demand configuration, to create a variety of business hubs
Internal and external collaboration
It supports setting visible to all to meet the internal and external data display scenarios of enterprises.
Thousands of portals
Rich authority control, you can view the relevant data of their subordinates or subordinate departments, and further understand the work status of subordinates.
Multi-type icon styles
Ten icon types, covering a wide range of application scenarios, comprehensive display of system data information.
Multidimensional Analysis
In-depth analysis of the comprehensive influence of multiple factors makes the analysis results more scientific and complete.
Multi-terminal adaptation
The combination of PC and mobile gives users a perfect experience anytime, anywhere.
Multi-module embedding
Supports embedding report information in dashboards and correlating with other reports to achieve advanced data processing.
organizational structure Permissions system message notification
Organizational structure adaptation
According to the actual organizational structure type of the enterprise, the multi-level decentralized department structure is realized.
Diverse character building
Define unlimited roles to meet the diverse personnel types of enterprise management needs.
Flexible upgrade architecture
No-Code can quickly coordinate the division of labor of various members within the organization, carry out flexible upgrades, and ultimately achieve the realization of organizational goals.
Functional permissions
Support the viewing and use of different system functions for different roles, such as module functions, data analysis functions, etc.
Data permissions
The scope of data viewing that can be selected includes viewing the person, myself and my subordinates, the department, the department and its subordinate departments, all, etc.
Field permissions
Support your viewing settings for its permissions on fields within the system, such as customer contact information, contract amount, contact name and other fields
Type settings
For all notification types for the current system user, you can choose to turn off/turn on notifications for specific types
Time settings
Advance reminder time can be configured according to user needs.
Mode settings
The channels and methods of message prompts can be selected in groups to promote the upload and release of different activities of enterprises.
Out-of-the-box - Wukong no-code application scenario
Out-of-the-box no-code platform for application scenarios in a wide range of industries.
Customer management
Help enterprises to achieve marketing, sales, service process, automation, customer value and enterprise revenue maximization.
Human resource management
Help enterprises dynamically grasp employee information, adjust talent strategies in real time, and help enterprises develop in the long run.
Finance management
Mainly enterprise financial management personnel, to provide comprehensive financial management functions.
Inventory management
Accurate tracking of all links to achieve the whole process of management.
Business intelligence
Get started in one minute to meet the comprehensive analysis of business data by all kinds of users to easily and quickly achieve the desired data results.
Production management
Quickly meet your application needs like building blocks.
Unlimited openness capabilities
A variety of API interface applications,
Make your business more convenient, efficient, and smarter
Dozens of practical digital business applications help enterprises grow at a qualitative level.