Knowledge Innovation and Collaboration Platform
It is an efficient tool for enterprise employees to accumulate knowledge and interact with experience, effectively mobilize enterprise soft wealth, and improve production creativity.
Creative freedom
View and edit documents online on mobile/PC, Business trip, company office, home office and other scenarios, and record ideas at any time.
Rich templates
Free templates and trials for product development, HR recruitment, IT operations, marketing, project management, team blogs and other common corporate documents, to help you fully start your knowledge creation.
Structured Tools
Structured tools such as tree diagram directory, advanced search, focus tags, etc., visualize the page hierarchy and make it easy to find.
Permission Management
Switching between visible permissions, editing permissions, and sharing permissions at will to ensure private data information.
Efficiency · Interaction
Multi-player collaboration, employee plus
Turn on the collaboration function, record real-time synchronization, review while writing, stimulate ideas, efficient creation.
Communication · Active
Interactive comments, collision of ideas
Like, comment and reply functions, record the suggestions and feedback of team members, your ideas will not be limited, every step of the document improvement is based on the evidence, the whole process of recording just the creation process.
Learn · Carry
Shared access, rapid growth of new employees
Company introduction, system, manuals, and other public documents are shared by all staff to support the rapid growth of new employees and achieve effective transition of key positions.
Convenience · Smooth
Top compatibility, knowledge flowing smoothly
Any format, any version, Wukong drive is fully compatible, providing you with first-class management services
More opportunities ,less work
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Mobile office
Real-time communication, multi-device office anytime, anywhere.