Talent information is fully controlled
Wukong HRM helps enterprises to effectively promote the adjustment and optimization of human resources,Dynamically grasp employee information, adjust talent strategy in real time,Help the long-term development of enterprises.
Recruitment management
Employee management
Attendance management
Salary management
Performance management
Recruitment management
Employee management
Attendance management
Salary management
Performance management
Recruitment management, help enterprises recruit talents
Customized settings for recruitment plans, real-time records of plan implementation, and joint review by relevant departments. Each department can build its own talent resume database to screen talents more targetedly.
Resumes are collected throughout the site
Online and offline parallel, one-stop recruitment management, intelligent analysis of multi-channel resume, improve recruitment efficiency.
Recruitment process management
Generate interview invitations with one click, control the progress of the interview from the beginning to the end of the interview, and select suitable candidates.
Multi-dimensional statistics and analysis
Intelligently analyze talents in multiple dimensions to improve the quality of recruitment.
Employee organization management,Optimize talent resources
A detailed account of the employee file provides the basis for the adjustment of the talent strategy.
Employee file management
The basic information of employees, contract information, salary, etc. are managed in a unified manner, supporting browsing the records of each adjustment of employees and helping employees grow.
Employee status
Employee entry, transfer, salary adjustment, resignation and other change information are comprehensively recorded, which not only provides the basis for the training of specific employees, but also assists the adjustment of the enterprise's talent strategy.
Organizational management
Provide horizontal and vertical diversified display methods for the organizational structure of the enterprise, and display the information of on-the-job employees and full-time employees in an organized manner, so as to grasp the status of the company's human resources as a whole.
Attendance management, empower employees
By formulating an attendance system, employees can consciously abide by the company's system, regulate their own behavior, promote employees' sense of participation and identity in corporate culture, and provide a basis for talent selection.
Multiple attendance methods
It supports punching in the shift range and off-site punching, and self-checking attendance details and employee vacation. Timely reminder for abnormal attendance, one-click approval for leave and overtime.
Custom attendance rules
Support enterprises to flexibly respond to different management methods, set different attendance rules for different positions, levels, departments, etc., and synchronize the calculation and query of multi-dimensional attendance results.
Multi-dimensional attendance list
Multi-dimensional data reports, mobile management data, ensure the stability and accuracy of real-time attendance calculation, and comprehensively evaluate employee attendance status.
Salary management, rationally control human resource costs
Wukong HRM provides an advanced Salary management mechanism and supports a variety of salary calculation rules. On the basis of automatic and accurate calculation of the system, it not only shows that the enterprise attaches great importance to the income of employees, but also meets the Salary management needs of different enterprises.
Various salary models
HRM supports the setting of different salary rules for employees of different positions and ranks, and can flexibly configure fixed salary or multiple combined salary modes to fully meet the diverse salary structure needs of enterprises.
Powerful computing power
It supports the one-time import of performance appraisal data, special additional deduction data, etc., and provides a salary table template, synchronizes the salary data of this month, calculates the salary amount with one click, and maintains the reliability and accuracy of salary payment.
Salary information is fully displayed
The salary data is at a glance, helping the enterprise salary structure and maximizing the realization of enterprise benefits.
Performance management, help employees achieve their goals
Performance plan formulation, assessment result evaluation, performance result application, performance file generation and other functions, show employee performance progress, promote employee performance completion, and provide a basis for adjustment of salary and promotion.
Diversified assessment methods
It supports various assessment methods of OKR and KPI, measures the completion of employee performance from multiple dimensions of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, and provides more comprehensive assessment results.
Configure the assessment process
Different sections such as un-started assessment, ongoing assessment, and archived assessment will display the assessment progress of employees in stages to help employees plan assessment progress and improve performance completion.
Multidimensional Performance Evaluation
The grades are based on performance scores, and the scoring range for each grade can be customized. Also supports mandatory distribution evaluation.
Employee self- service, Easily reconcile information
Employee to-do items, positions, files, social security, salary slips, performance and other information related to their own work can be clicked and viewed from the employee self-service portal.
My profile
Support viewing and editing all your own information, ensure the accuracy of archival information, and help employees understand their own growth and development
My payroll
The payroll is automatically generated, the salary structure is clearly visible, and it supports time range query and amount ascending and descending sorting.
Employee performance
Employees can fill in the performance appraisal content and work completion status by themselves. Support superior leaders to comment and like their content, and enrich work feedback methods.
Employee attendance
Employees commute to and from work with one-click punching, supporting differential punching. Attendance exceptions are reminded in a timely manner, and attendance details and employee holidays can be viewed at any time
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Mobile office
Real-time intercommunication enables multi-device office work anytime, anywhere.