Smart Finance
Accelerate Business Growth
Provides comprehensive financial management functions.Seamlessly connect with the Wukong CRM system to realize the integrated intelligent management of customer-sales-inventory-finance.
General ledger
Financial statement
Assist Accounting
Subject management
General ledger
Financial statement
Assist Accounting
Subject management
Invoice management, intelligent generation
Secure entry of invoice to provide a reliable basis for general ledger
Invoice Collect
Customize the input template, set the associated objects, and connect with the Wukong CRM system, and the system automatically generates relevant credentials.
Invoice Rearch
While supporting the viewing of Invoice data of each month at any time, individual operations can be performed on existing Invoice s: anti-audit, Invoice insertion, Invoice export.
Invoice Summary
The system automatically summarizes all the bookkeeping Invoice on a regular basis, and displays the debit and credit amounts within a certain time range according to each accounting subject.
Original Invoice Rearch
In the system, you can query the original invoice and documents in detail, and support the functions of invoice generation, merging, and importing of the original invoice.
General ledger management, multi-dimensional query
The powerful general ledger function allows you to quickly understand various financial indicators, and you can query the general ledger in multiple dimensions by entering invoices.
In Wukong Financial Management, the sub-accounts are classified and registered according to sub-accounts (sub-items or sub-items). The sub-ledger can reflect and record the assets, liabilities, owner's equity, expenses, costs and income in detail in a classified and detailed manner.
Multi-column ledger
Support pre-design of multi-column sub-ledgers required by enterprises, and then save them as multi-column accounts with different names according to sub-accounts. When querying a multi-column account, you can set a variety of query conditions, including the name of the multi-column account, the month, whether it contains unrecorded vouchers, etc.
General ledger
In the Wukong financial management system, accounts are opened according to the general classification subjects, all economic businesses are registered, the general classification accounting is performed, and the general accounting information is provided. The query of the general ledger is an important indicator to reflect the economic benefits of the enterprise.
Account Balance Sheet
The balance table shows the balance of each account, including the balance of the previous period, the amount incurred in the current period, and the ending balance. The financial data can be accurately reflected in the balance sheet through the account balance sheet.
Financial StatementManagement,
Powering business decisions
Ensure high-quality financial information, clearly reflect the company's financial status, asset operation capability, solvency and profitability, and provide scientific guidance for corporate strategic decision-making.
Balance sheet
Wukong Financial Management System supports one-click generation of a balance sheet to clearly view the financial status (that is, the status of assets, liabilities and owners' equity) of an enterprise on a certain date (usually the end of each accounting period).
Income Statement
The income statement in the system can clearly reflect the operating results of the enterprise in a certain accounting period, which is convenient for managers to compare and analyze the operating conditions and profitability of the enterprise.
Cash flow statement
The cash flow statement is divided into three categories of operations, investment and financing according to its purpose, reflecting the impact of each item in the company's balance sheet on cash flow, and analyzing whether the company has enough cash to meet expenses in the short term.
Assist accounting,
Improve financial business accuracy
Under the traditional method, enterprises sub-ledger for accounting, which increases the level of detailed subjects, resulting in a huge subject system, and at the same time, it will bring great difficulties to the provision of accounting and management data. Auxiliary accounting not only facilitates the realization of accounting functions, but also provides fast and convenient auxiliary means for management.
Assist accounting for business transactions
Auxiliary accounting for business-to-business business can help clear debts and reduce the workload of current accounts.
Assist accounting for personal transactions
The management and liquidation of individual transactions by enterprises is included in the auxiliary management of personal contacts, and the management of personal contacts is strengthened.
Assist accounting for project management
Around all the income and expenditure of the project, the auxiliary accounting makes the operation process simple and improves the accuracy.
Express Settlement,
improve financial work efficiency
Streamline the checkout process and handle financial work accurately and efficiently.
Settlement pre-check
The Wukong financial management system will analyze whether the financial data that needs to be settled is correct according to the financial data.
Multiple invoice templates
Various templates are built in Wukong Financial Management System. In period-end closing, you can selectively generate period-end invoices according to the actual situation.
Automatic carry forward profit and loss
The system automatically carries forward the profit and loss to the "profit of the current year" and checks, after success, automatically enables the next period.
Subject Management,
Finely divide the financial business
The multi-level setting of accounting accounts, one-click import. clearly reflects financial data and improves the quality of financial work.
Support subject import
Wukong Financial System supports one-click import of subjects. You can maintain subject information in excel, and automatically generate system subjects through the import function.
Multi-level account settings
Add and delete account categories in the background management, and configure the number sequence of the account to automatically generate numbers in the multi-level customer addition process.
Assist accounting of subjects
Support to select the corresponding customers, suppliers, projects, employees, etc., and perform separate assist accounting for each subject.
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