Realize the whole process management of lead-to-payment
Customer management CRM to help enterprises realize the process of marketing, sales and service automation, maximization of customer value and corporate profits.
Leads management
Customer management
Opportunities management
Contract management
received payments management
OA Collaboration
Leads management
Customer management
Opportunities management
Contract management
received payments management
OA Collaboration
Leads management ,more Opportunities
From the acquisition and screening of leads to conversion into potential customers, each step can make the next correct decision according to the follow-up of the leads, and grasp more high-quality leads.
From lead to client
The primary customer information obtained through activities, telephone consultation, old customer introduction, etc. is collectively referred to as clues in Wukong CRM. Leads are the front end of customer generation. Only by controlling each lead can we fully tap potential customers and promote transactions.
Real-time follow-up at your fingertips
Record, update and follow up clues anytime and anywhere, grasp first-hand clue feedback, prevent forgetting, make timely response strategies, and improve customer conversion rate.
Unified management
Leads from various sources are managed in a unified manner to avoid loss of leads, and at the same time, different sources can be classified to facilitate sales to prioritize leads, and to increase the focus on the highest quality customer sources to improve customer acquisition efficiency.
Lead cleaning
Wukong CRM supports the checking and grading of clues. It helps sales to grasp the rhythm of merchandising by checking the names and mobile phone numbers of leads and other functions, as well as marking leads and other functions.
Lead conversion
In the process of conversion of leads, sales tend to be more concerned about the result of conversion. The system supports the follow-up of leads, and can be converted into customers with one click in time to help lead conversion.
Lead activation
Lead follow-up time reminder, after the set follow-up time, the system will remind you to contact the lead today in the to-do list to ensure the timeliness of lead follow-up.
Customer management, grasp the overall situation
Wukong CRM assists the whole process of sales. Through the whole process management of customer initial information, follow-up process, related business opportunities, contracts, etc., it establishes close contact with customers, helps sales to plan every step, and wins a strong competitive advantage.
360° panoramic display of customer portraits
Basic customer information, customer source, customer industry, customer region and other data will be permanently saved in Wukong CRM for you to help you quickly understand the panoramic information of customers.
Easy import of customer data
It supports the quick import of millions of customer data through Excel, and the existing customer data in the CRM system can also be exported with one click, which enhances the systematization and flexibility of customer data management without losing any customer data.
Add a customer follow-up plan at any time
Customer Details records customer activity data in real time. The information, contract information, and business opportunity information communicated by the sales staff each time they visit the customer will be displayed in the form of a timeline, and the next contact plan will be established.
Client assignment, customer pool management
Customer resources can be put into the customer pool , sales can be claimed by themselves, and the configuration of customer pool rules is supported. If there is no transaction within 60 days, the customer will automatically return to the customer pool , and other sales can be claimed to avoid resource loss.
Contact management
Each customer can establish multiple contact information, and the system can classify contacts and quickly identify important decision makers. At the same time, contact visit records, follow-up records and call records can be recorded in real time.
Customer Field Customization
You can customize the customer information fields according to the needs of the enterprise, and build exclusive customer archives for different enterprises.
Opportunity management to improve transactions
Classify and follow up business opportunities at different stages, quickly understand the dynamics of business opportunities, and help you efficiently manage business opportunities from multiple dimensions and across sales structures.
Opportunity stages at a glance
From customer verification, demand analysis, proposal/quotation until the end of the business opportunity, users can check the status of the business opportunity at any time and advance the business opportunity stage.
Configuration Phase Tasks
Managers can configure corresponding tasks for each stage of various business opportunities, guide the work direction of sales personnel, and systematically manage sales work.
Customize the opportunity process
You can configure different business opportunity processes according to different products of the enterprise, and promote business opportunities more personalized.
Sales funnel
The sales funnel more directly identifies bottlenecks in the sales process and finds potential growth opportunities.
View the progress of business opportunities from multiple perspectives
Advanced filtering and sorting functions enable you to quickly find eligible business opportunities from the perspective you need, and support batch operations to improve efficiency.
Data report
Through business intelligence report analysis, you can fully control the growth rate and conversion rate of business opportunities, feedback the problems in the business opportunity tracking process, and promote the overall control of business opportunities.
Contract management, standardizing contract execution
Track the completion of the order at any time, control the actual execution, and timely feedback the abnormality, so as to record, track and control the order execution process anytime and anywhere.
Contract entry
Enter the content of business-related fields such as number, name, type, signing subject, amount, quantity, payment method, and related products, and record contract scenarios in more detail
Configure the Contract Approval Flow
After approval is added to a contract, the approval process and approval records of the contract will be displayed on the contract details page, and can be configured in the background.
Reminder management
You can set contract expiration reminders, and sales staff will be reminded to follow up on contracts that are about to expire on the system calendar or to-do page.
Contract custom fields
Customize contract fields according to different demands of contract management in different industries.
Standardize the whole process of managing contracts
Help enterprises establish a standardized contract management system, standardize the contract management behaviors of all business personnel, and make contract management compliant with regulations.
Contract template
Just like using Word, you can easily select a contract template in the system, generate it with one click, and support printing.
Repayment management to realize enterprise benefits as soon as possible
Set up a payment collection plan, and the whole process of payment collection records can be traced, which not only standardizes the payment collection process, but also promotes the payment collection process.
Customized payment plan
The salesperson can set the payment plan for each contract in the contract details, and the system will automatically record the time of the upcoming payment and remind it in time, so that the payment can be collected efficiently and orderly.
Real-time control of payment dynamics
The payment collection module is associated with contracts and customers, so that sales can better review the whole process from follow-up to closing. At the same time, the paid amount and the unpaid amount of each contract are automatically calculated.
Payment collection approval
After adding approval for payment collection, the payment collection approval process and approval records will be displayed in the payment collection details. The payment collection approval flow is configured in the background.
Create a new payment plan in batches
Payment collection plans can be set in batches, support monthly, annual or custom time cycle reminders, and automatically generate payment collection plans.
Support payment receipt printing
You can easily set up payment slip templates in the system just like using word, and support one-click printing.
OA collaborative to realize office automation
Facilitates seamless collaboration between employees, departments, teams, and business partners, enabling users to automate business processes, increase productivity, and achieve barrier-free work.
Create and view tasks at any time, divide task levels according to priority, add related businesses to deepen task content, add attachments to enrich task background, promote task implementation, and improve actual completion rate.
It supports custom approval types, supports the configuration of rich and multi-level approval processes, and provides options for counter-signing, or signing and other scenarios, enriching the approval process and greatly improving approval efficiency.
Employees can record the work content, results and work experience of the day at any time. While highlighting employees' self-value realization and self-growth, it also provides new channels for the leadership to understand the content of employees' daily work.
The employees are classified according to the company's organizational structure, and displayed according to the organizational management level combined with the permission configuration.
Relevant business reminders can be linked to the calendar and automatically marked in the calendar; employees can also create new work schedules in the calendar.
More opportunities ,Less work.
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Mobile office
Real-time intercommunication enables multi-device office work anytime, anywhere.