Business Card Scanning OCR
Use business card recognition technology to realize structured identification and input of key information on user business cards, which can be applied to offline meetings, forums, business exchanges and other scenarios.
Various sales scenarios
Scenarios are diversified, such as offline meetings, forums, and business exchanges, to meet the needs of users to quickly enter key information of business cards
One-click transfer contacts
You can use Wukong CRM mobile terminal products to scan business cards with one click and quickly add contacts.
Real time follow up
When business cards are collected in offline marketing activities, follow-up tasks can be arranged immediately to speed up the establishment of interaction with customers
Top accuracy
Scan business cards from multiple angles and extract relevant information quickly
Extensive . Comprehensive
Quickly populate contact information
Support structured recognition of key business card fields, quickly fill in the contact information items in Wukong CRM, and help sales add contacts with one click
Precision . quality
Empower sales to capture massive networks
Breaking the traditional customer information collection mode, one-click capture of key information, it also reduces the trivial work of sales for business card management, and taps more business opportunities.
Precision . quality
Reduce manual entry errors
With business card scanning, you can fundamentally avoid this chance of error.
More opportunities ,less work
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