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Maximize sales value
Wukong Call Center can be flexibly integrated into the business system of the enterprise, providing strong support for your business.A stable, integrated and unified communication base, dedicated to improving the quality of enterprise services and marketing Digital intelligence competitiveness helps enterprises to quickly build an integrated customer contact platform.
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One-click outbound calls to improve efficiency
Sales staff can make one-click outbound calls directly from Wukong CRM without wasting time looking for and dialing customer numbers. When you're viewing a lead or contact information, tap the phone icon to call him directly.
Call pop-up screen, real-time reminder
The call center shows you the call status in real time and automatically calls out customer information for outgoing calls. Clearly display call time and status. At the same time, Wukong Call Center can also set up incoming call reminders and send you a missed call notification.
Flexible phone function, overall control
The call answering, hanging up, and online status (busy/idle) reminders provided by the phone bar provide sales staff with powerful call control capabilities
Docking with CRM to reduce trivial work
When calls and sales are managed in separate systems, you won't be able to measure the effectiveness of calls and their impact on sales. Wukong Call Center integrates with Wukong CRM, your team can make or receive calls directly from CRM, and measure the effectiveness of each call based on business opportunities.
Plan · Efficient
Incorporate calls into the sales process
Schedule calls in advance to call the customer at a time most convenient for him/her to facilitate follow-up. Get a holistic view of the sales team's call schedule, better coordinate work, and integrate calling customers into the sales process.
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Real-time . convenient
One-click transfer customer
For caller numbers that are not stored in the Wukong CRM system (such as incoming calls from new customers), the salesperson can store the caller number as lead information with one click, which can easily connect the subsequent sales and service processes, and when the customer calls again When the CRM system can automatically identify the customer.
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Save time and trouble
Call records are automatically saved
During the salesperson's call, the call record will be automatically saved in the system: the caller time, call time, calling number, called number, operator and other data are clearly displayed. You can automatically track call details without manual recording.
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Analysis . Summary
Intelligent analysis of call records
Analyze the call records, evaluate the performance of the sales team, and motivate improvement. The business intelligence section of Wukong CRM provides employee call record analysis charts, which visualize your call record data and analyze how to provide customers with a better experience.
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More opportunities ,less work
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