More than 30 industry solutions
With business scenarios as the core, build differentiated industry solutions and provide professional industry solutions.
Education industry
Open up the entire business process management from enrollment, students to payment, and achieve Comprehensive resource management of classrooms, teachers, class schedules, etc.
Enrollment Management | Student Management | Course Management | Financial Management
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Medical equipment
Effectively manage important medical institutions, relevant decision-makers and existing medical equipment distribution Set up the situation and help sales staff find the right key people
Customer resource sharing across regions | Project reporting | Marketing | Process management
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Internet industry
Through tasks, event management, email or SMS reminders, calendars and other tools, Wukong CRM can help companies follow up on business opportunities in a timely manner
Business opportunity follow-up | Project management | Agile development | Email marketing
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Automobile industry
Incorporate the internal management business of automobile sales companies into a unified platform to eliminate Information silos integrate business processes to enable businesses to respond quickly
Vehicle management | Spare parts management | Sales management | After-sales management
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Financial leasing
Wukong CRM can organically combine the existing salesperson resources of financial leasing companies Advantages and operating mechanisms provide the company's overall competitiveness.
Equipment Management | Channel Management | Service Management | Financial Management
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Venture investment industry
Venture capital firms can manage potential investors and investment targets at the company level In the CRM system, prevent duplication of customers and loss of customer resources.
Customer management | Customer asset maintenance | Customer financial management | Project management
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Home appliance industry
Integrate call center and order dispatch functions to control the entire process from pre-sales to after-sales in real time, helping enterprises achieve full-process information management
Sales management | Dispatch management | Call center | Inventory management
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Logistics industry
Classify and manage customer industries, regions, sources and other different dimensions to provide industry-specific logistics services
Customer Management | Logistics Management | Project Management | Financial Management
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Trading industry
Wukong CRM is deeply integrated with the mailbox service. You can send and receive emails directly in the CRM, and you can also send mass emails to achieve automated email marketing.
Customer management | Email marketing | SMS marketing | Sales tracking
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    Wukong CRM-PHP/JAVA multi-development language open source system
    PHP and JAVA are two development languages. Enterprises and users can freely choose their own development languages according to their own needs
    Wukong HRM Human ResourcesOpen source version released
    Full open source coverage of the human resources function module, opening up efficient and standardized new management, and improving management efficiency
    Wukong Mallwill be released soon
    E-commerce solutions for all industries and scenarios